frankenstein (2022)
based on Mary Shelley's novel from 1818, the team of DIE VERWANDLUNG (2018) embarks on an ominous expedition to the edge of human abysses and fantasies together with animator Maren Wiese. 
Between horror story and curious collection of knowledge, the aim is to fathom the secret of life with all means and senses and to bring Frankenstein's monster back to life - reassembled and freshly sewn. A science fiction theatre spectacle about beauty and creation, guilt and horror.
die verwandlung (2018)
based on the novel by franz kafka, gesa bering, benedikt grubel and maren wiese created an immersive theatre evening for kids of all ages. gregor samsas story is told through a live soundscape, acted out scenes as well as videoprojections.
the animations were intertwined with a live video feed and projected onto tubeshaped curtains that sat in the middle of the stage. 
with three projectors showing the videos from all sides the images doubled and spilled out on all walls, creating a surreal, truly "kafkaesque" experience.
photography by marc doradzillo
die maus, die brüllte (2017)
falk rössler adapted leonard wibberleys book "the mouse that roared" into a multi-media theatre evening. 
the piece began with our animated intro that showcased the names of everyone who worked on the performance, accompanied by little animations that illustrated parts of the story. 
the style of the animations is a nod to the original animated intro of the 1959 film by jack arnold.
ordnung (2016)
ordnung is an original theatre performance by director duo dorn°bering. 
the humorous piece deals with the question: is it possible to compile a perfect encyclopedia of everything that has ever existed? and what happens after?
during the performance there is a small greenhouse on stage in which the main character - author stefan dorn - hangs around and waters his plants. a disembodied voice tells us about his epic work and that he is very close to finally finishing it. after a thunder storm inside the greenhouse, its walls are covered with little water drops. They reveal the animations of fishes and birds that are now floating dreamlike along the sides.
photography by hanke wilsmann
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